Wednesday, January 05, 2011

UW Sports Day 1

Our three-day kids club and training time started well today, with representatives from 11 different churches attending the training, and 36 kids involved in the first day of kids club. Although we expected more kids, we're excited to see what God is doing, and will continue to do over the next several days.

We began the day with a greeting time, then 4 praise songs with drum, bass guitar, guitar and keyboard accompaniment. Fun times. Tim Conrad, president of Uncharted Waters, gave a brief devotional on being strategic in our activities, and focused on Biblical teaching.

After a great meal, we began to invite the kids, and had a neat first day. To blow off some steam afterward, and to make sure everyone was sufficiently exhausted, we played some street hockey, before heading for tacos. The usual...A LOT of the usual, tacos de tripa, lengua, suadero, longaniza...Hmmm.

Then I was able to teach Dylan and Darrol Prussia how to play Dominion. I will, of course, refrain from mentioning who won!

Thanks for your prayers during these very active days.

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Charles said...

Sounds like you need some real Dominion competition!