Saturday, January 08, 2011

A full week

This past Tuesday I was reminded of what our summers many times are like, with two trips to the airport the same day. As I nursed a Starbucks Toffee Latte (my first in like three years) 4 guys from Uncharted Waters Sports Ministry, Louie, Sam, Ryan and Levi, arrived around 3 p.m. Oscar, a guy from Monterrey, arrived around 5 p.m. We returned to Ixtapaluca, and got the guys to their host homes. In the meantime, Darrol and Dylan Prussia, along with Mike Contreras and Abraham and Rachel Lechuga had arrived from Puebla.

I took the Lechugas to Jesús María and stopped by the market area where a white pole tent had already been set up for our three days of meetings. Turned out, though, that several of the market store owners were extremely concerned that a tent set up overnight would attract some of the local drug users, and that very likely the tent would end up cut or burned or stolen. So the owner of the tent came later on that night and took down the tent. His crew set it up and took it down every day for the next three days...quite a bit more work than we had anticipated. He charged me an extra $80 to do so, something I considered quite a bargain!

Tim Conrad, the president of UW, initially was not planning on coming due to inflated ticket prices to Mexico (because of Mexicana going bankrupt, etc...) but managed to get a flight using his miles on United. He arrived around 11 p.m. Darrol accompanied me into the airport.

Darrol and son Dylan and Tim stayed with us, as my dear little girl gave up her bed and slept in the boys´ bedroom. Our week of leadership training and kids club began around 10 a.m. on Wednesday, with representative from 12 different churches present. Although our goal was 20 churches, we were pleased to see many churches from several different cities taking the training. Teo Moreno translated during the plenary sessions, and did a great job. David, Oscar and Allan helped during the actually sports club. Later that evening...TACOS!

The training continued on Thursday and Friday, with UW challenging us to take advantage of one of the world's universal languages, sports, to reach young people for Christ. Much of what we heard we are already doing, but other points were very good reminders of how to better our sports activities. Allan is excited!

The evenings were filled with fellowship and long talks till near midnight with Tim and Darrol. The Prussias are in the process of determining where they will be ministering after Puebla. I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers for that decision-making process.

Oscar Hernández, from Monterrey, had never been downtown, so this morning we loaded up the van with us and luggage and drove into the downtown area, starting at the zócalo and driving past Bellas Artes on Reforma past the Ángel and the whole way to the Auditorio Nacional. Quite the tour! Then we returned and parked near the Latin American Tower and walked back to the National Cathedral and the zócalo. We then returned to the van, got Oscar's bags, and sent him in a taxi to the airport for this noon flight. The rest of us ate lunch at Sanborns downtown House of Tiles restaurant.

They are now either on an airplane or waiting to get on one. It was a good week. During our last day in club we saw many kids express a desire to trust Christ, and will be following up on them in days ahead. Our community center week of events begins in just two short weeks.

Thank you for your prayers!

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