Friday, December 17, 2010

Many of us take eating for granted...

...maybe we shouldn't. Yesterday Mayra and I accompanied Tiffany to Sams Club. She had received $400 from some generous people in her church in Northwest Arkansas, and we decided that despensas, or food packages (actually big black bags) would be the best way to express support and love during this Christmas season.

It really is amazing how much sugar, rice, beans, cereal, soap, milk and other basic items $400 can buy. We filled up 12 big bags, and I felt like Santa Claus as I swung them over my should and delivered them to 12 special families in the church.

About two weeks ago, Samuel shared that the Lord laid a church family on his wife's heart. She prepared some food for cena, the late meal, and took it to them. She remembers what one of the family's four small children said, "mommy, are we going to be able to eat tonight?" Just about breaks your heart, and makes you thankful! Samuel asked me if I ever, in my life, had to go without eating for lack of resources, and I responded that I hadn't.

What about you? The resources that we waste in a given year could easily be shared with those who have real need. Three of the families that received this gift came to prayer meeting this morning at 8:30 a.m., very appreciative of this simple gift.

Changing the subject considerably...does anyone know what parkour is? Ask my son. It's a sport, of sorts, where people jump off walls and buildings and over and under obstacles and generally do risky things. Daniel is into this...should we be worried? Here he is last night, near one of the houses that received a food gift.

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