Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Dad and the bridge

It's hunting season in PA, I know that because my dad and extended family have all gone north, leaving their wives, the "hunting widows" to hold down the home while all the great white hunters brave the wild woods of Pennsylvania.

My dad has shot a few deer in his day, one of which is mounted in their house. So he does honestly what most guys do anyway...he goes to tend the fire in the cabin, chew the fat with the boys, and enjoy some of God's peace and quiet. He doesn't even take his gun anymore, but buys a license to help with drives, etc...

My dad also is always busy doing something. Unlike his son (me), he just is hardly content to just sit still and do next to nothing for a while. He has to be doing something! This year´s project...a catwalk that he cut into two sections, then reassembled at the cabin to make a bridge across the stream there. Looks good! He does too!

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