Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in Mexico

It's not snowing here...seems like it is a lot of places...but we are going to a place tomorrow where we'll be able to see snow. Paso de Cortez, between two 17,000+ ft. volcanoes. It's become a favorite place since we "discovered" it a few years ago. We´ll be going up with a number of other CAM missionary families for a (cold) team meeting that will include some trout freshly caught and prepared right by the stream-fed lake. The stream flowing down from the volcanoes is plenty cold enough for trout.

These past days have been days of great fun, and a lot of talking, worshipping, playing games and spending time with Mayra's family. Good times had by all! The kids opened their presents from us and their grandparents in PA in the morning of the 24th, then opened more presents at a gift exchange the evening of the 24th in northern Mexico City, with Mayra's parents.

David Vaughn is here, enjoying a Mexican Christmas and helping us out with some video work. He has adapted very, very well. Tonight I believe he even ate some tacos de tripa with the guys. After our evening church service tonight, Samuel, Miguel, Miguel (Iris´s husband), Armando, Allan, David Vaughn...good times!

Here's a couple of pictures of our Christmas celebration.

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