Monday, October 18, 2010


Samuel and I returned from Chicago after a wonderful time at Moody and some fun watching the Chicago Bulls at the United Center. Derrick Rose sunk a 3-pointer to send the game against the Mavs into overtime, but Rose missed a 3-pointer at the end of the first 5-minute overtime period, and the Mavericks won the game. Samuel and I managed to cram into a bus, then a subway, and got back to MBI just fine.

Abby Grainge, a Moody student and formal summer intern, was very kind in finding a car to take us to the airport Saturday morning. Abby is looking to perhaps do a stint with us here again this coming summer, to fulfill a requirement for her major, which is Philosophy of Theology. All (or at least most) MBI students need to do an internship now. Abby loaned me a great book that I finished today entitled Tactics, by Greg Koukl. Whenever I find a good author, I usually try to read everything he's written, and I suspect I'll be ordering some books by Koukl soon. He discusses how to present the Christian faith in a diplomatic, yet truthful way, confronting with courtesy. This "Columbo" tactic of asking questions, and placing the burden of proof on others is particularly helpful.

I'll be following up on 15 or so students that wanted more information on the internship program. If YOU would like more info, check out some of the following youtube links:


Today we'll be meeting with Charlene de Haan, president of CAM Canada. She is visiting Jim and Shari Cottrill, and would like to speak to us regarding the internship opportunities.

Finally, we had a great time at Esli's 15th b-day party yesterday after church...a big deal here in Mexico! I posted a ton of pics on FB.

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