Saturday, October 09, 2010

Pictures from the past...and basketball

I've been going through a ton of photos lately, preparing several Powerpoint presentations for next week's Moody workshops. Jim Cottrill sent me some also. So I'm posting a number of pictures that, in most cases, haven't been published here before. Most of them are from this past year.

I am now afraid I have too much for a 50 minute presentation...time to pare back.

I've heard a fair amount in recent months about "bucket lists," those few things that you just have to do before you die. Well, I don't think that Samuel has a bucket list, but if he did, seeing a basketball game in United Stadium, where Jordan played, would be on it. Guess what...he is going to be able to scratch that one off. We have tickets for next Friday night, far, far away from the court...but in the building!!

I am so excited about going to Moody I can't hardly think straight.

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