Friday, October 08, 2010

Missions conferences at Moody and Corban

I called Samuel early today to see when we can drop off a 6 meter x 1.5 meter banner that he is designing for Corban University's missions conference, for their World Outreach Week. It is much, much cheaper to print out a banner here than it is in cost for 9 square meters, around $60. We had the opportunity to host a team from Corban this past May, and friend Paul Johnson is missions director there.

Samuel and I are also frantically trying to get ready for the 4 workshops we're doing at Moody's missions conference. We fly up next Tuesday, take the subway to Moody, and will probably be staying with Micah Brewster, a 2010 summer intern. Samuel and I have some rather unconventional ideas for our workshops...should be fun.

The problem is I have writers block...or a thinking impediment...or some such thing...and I just can't get my mind around some of the concepts that I've been living for the last 6 years here. But I'll be ready when the time comes.

Yesterday was my birthday, I won't mention which one, and it was a particularly enjoyable day, with Mayra and I able to catch a late breakfast at one of our favorite eating spots in Amecameca, with a spectacular view of the volcanoes on a clear day yesterday. Then a bit of computer competition with my son. Last night, probably about 45 people showed up for a "surprise!" b-day party that I already knew about. Puerco en salsa verde, puerco en mole verde, suadero, tinga de pollo, carnitas, etc... with two cakes later. Pictures forthcoming.

I thought this cartoon is particularly appropriate when thinking about my life!

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