Monday, September 27, 2010

Theological education by Internet...and our second week of club

Tomorrow morning we need to do several things:
1. Hand out flyers to promote the club. Last week we probably had around 40 people in all the different activities. Part of the reason could have been the rain. Another part of the reason could have been lack of promotion. We'll take care of the second part tomorrow...God will have to stop the rain (which, by the way, a lot of people in south and east Mexico would appreciate!)
2. Drop Martin and his van at the body work guy's place.
3. Buy a kitchen counter for Tiffany. She has been living in a rather underfurnished house (that's a bit of an understatement) for too long.

Also...and this is pretty exciting...last evening Roger and Marcy Oliver, CAM missionaries in Puebla, came to give some orientation as to the Puebla Bible Seminary's first ever "cyber-school" extension. Martin had the church all set up, with screen, video projector, etc...and about 18 of us learned how to begin to study online. The first course that we're taking is entitled "Challenges in Spiritual Leadership." You can check out the parent organization, Interglobal, by clicking HERE.

By the way, our dear son Daniel is doing ok with his home schooling. It's his dad who is going nuts! Just kidding. Sort of.

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Charles said...

Who is that cute basketball player on the flyer?