Friday, September 24, 2010

Anniversary! Classes have begun, sports outreach in Jan.

Yesterday, Mayra and I celebrated (sort of) 15 years of marriage. We REALLY need to find a way to celebrate more seriously... God has blessed us in some remarkable ways, and we thank Him for bringing us together!

This week marked the beginning of another 12 weeks of ESL, music and sports classes, also with an addition...two separate dance classes. Attendance was sparse so almost always is the first two weeks until people realize that we've initiated classes once again. The weather hasn't been very nice either, with periodic rain.

This coming January we just confirmed the participating of a group from Uncharted Waters Sports, who will be doing a training time with (hopefully) around 20 Mexicans interested in doing sports clubs as a ministry outreach. They also will be doing the actually classes doing that time. I just sent Tim, their president, a Google map of the area, with basketball and soccer courts marked out. The market space where we own two classroom spaces is the the left side of the neighborhood.

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