Friday, August 13, 2010

Time in PA, NJ, OH

Too much has happened over the past three weeks to do the time justice in a brief post. I'll just mention things as they come to mind.

Dad saw a momma bear and three cubs while on the 4-wheeler near our family cabin in the mountains of PA and took a picture with his cell phone. Later in the day, a neighbor saw the bears again...her picture is clearer.

We spent a week at Ocean City, New Jersey, with my parents and my sister Beth and her family. Ahh...what a clean, beautiful place!

Our trip to West Newton PA and NE Ohio was awesome! We stayed with the Sneeringers, then with Stephanie Green and her family. Good times had by all! Meeting Pastor Mark of Leroy Community Chapel at Panera's was a treat, as are the books he's sent me since via Amazon.

Well, there's just too much more to talk about. Sitting on the cabin porch listening to the locust and crickets and tree frogs, well, it was simply a spiritual experience. Getting to touch base with so many good friends like my dad and Keith and Dwight...oh, did I mention "Joseph" at Sight and Sound Theater yesterday? Fantastic.'s been a great three weeks, winding down to our return some amazing opportunities, as always, in Mexico City.

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