Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reading List and MBI conference

Too bad doesn't deliver to Mexico. If they did, things could get expensive for me. So...right now my book list is as follows:
Simply Christian, by N.T. Wright
The Last Christian on Earth, by Os Guinness

Recently read:
The Tribe, by Seth Godin
If You Want to Walk on John Ortberg
Leadership as an Identity, by Crawford W. Loritts

For an interesting look at a disturbing trend in U.S. young people and their church attendance, click HERE.

My incredibly talented artist friend, Samuel, has been given a sabbatical for this whole next school year (he's a math and physics teacher), which is great because it gives us an opportunity to do all sorts of things (assuming we have our wives' permission!). This October we'll be at Moody's missions conference in Chicago. We've proposed the following workshops...hopefully we'll be able to do at least 1 workshop in the art and church planting areas. Here they are:

1. A Picture is Worth 1000 words!The use of Art in Missions
This workshop will discuss creative ways of using art in missions, both as a support element to evangelistic and church planting ministries as well as a stand-alone ministry. Ministry experience in Mexico, Spain and the U.S.

2. What is your Spiritual Brand?
The importance of graphic communication in missions.
This workshop will explore the benefits of using graphic arts to establish a ministry identity, distinguish between local church and community center outreaches and promote activities accurately and effectively. Bring your laptop!

3. Fundamentals of Graphic Design and Animation
Use of Adobe CS3 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks), Flash Macromedia, Inkscape, Comic Life, ToonBoom Studio 4.5, Wacom Cintix
The workshop is a hands-on exploration of some of the technical tools and programs available to today’s digital minister, with a special emphasis on digital animation for Internet and television. Bring your laptop!

4. Church Planting on Steroids

How to use ESL, music and sports to build relationships and reach people!
How do people come to saving faith? Probably not by reading a tract or getting their door knocked on. They begin to consider spiritual issues because they are friends with someone who loves Jesus. Reach the world through playing, eating, teaching and praying!

5. Mother Redeemer, Mother Creator, Virgin of the Prophets, Virgin of the Apostles
Why much of Latin America is not “reached.”
Does “the Immaculate conception” refer to the Virgin birth…or to Mary’s birth? Does the Queen of Heaven exist today? Come and learn more about Latin America’s unique blend of syncretistic Christianity.

6. A Disaster is a Terrible Thing to Waste
How social outreach and justice concerns can be linked to the local church
Evangelism and discipleship has become passé. Orphanage work, disaster relief and social justice are the new areas of interest. This workshop will explore how to combine both emphases to greatly enhance both.

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If you haven't already, you should check out my church's ministry Why? 1. It seeks to address the health of the local church. 2. There's an audio interview with Os Guinness about Evangelical Christians and modern America.