Friday, July 30, 2010

Kids Club in Jesus Maria

Sam wrote yesterday giving an update on the kids club, happening this week in Jesus Maria.

Turns out they've had record numbers...that have grown throughout the week. Here's the report copied from his can figure out the Spanish.


Sam and Aurora are coordinating the week, with the help of many other church members, some of them who are just becoming integrated into the church, like Roberto and Ninfa. Ninfa was bitten by a dog on Wednesday, you might want to pray for her. She is recovering well, but the dog is under observation for the next 10 days. We've been praying for this important outreach!

In other news, I "talked" (sort of) via Skype to Bible Fellowship Community Church, near Pittsburgh, yesterday afternoon, but couldn't get the audio on our Skype call to work. So I gave the kids the thumbs-up sign and smiled a lot! We're going to try it again today. BFCC is having their VBS this week too. We will be visiting BFCC soon.

Yesterday I enjoyed a special time with Rev. Don Wagner at 8, then a great time along with Mayra eating breakfast at Gus's with Doug and Christie Pfeifer and their two cute kids. I successfully resisted the desire to eat two good PA Dutch breakfasts!

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