Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A change in environment...

After being in Mexico City for the last year, well, we're just not used to so many cows and so much green vegetation! The food (the amount!) is similar, that's about the only thing!

Oh, and I went to the dentist on Monday to repair my chipped front tooth...good thing!
I went this morning to have some "routine" teeth cleaning, and went fairly confident, because last year I had my teeth cleaned and examined, and they only found 1 cavity (after not having been to the dentist for several years). NO SUCH RESULT this year...they found 3 cavities in two separate teeth...which means another appointment at 7 a.m. tomorrow. And a final appointment on Friday the 13th. Good thing I'm not superstitious. So that's three dentist appointments in three days. Harsh.

We truly thank God, though, for a Christian dentist who is not charging us for our family's revolving door visits the last several days!

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