Friday, July 09, 2010

It's Friday already!

I'm just about out the door for a youth study I'm giving on what the Bible says about homosexuality...but wanted to write a brief update.

On Tuesday morning, our good friend Samuel lost his father to cancer at age 81. Mayra and I went up for the viewing Tuesday afternoon, and I was able to go with 4 other people from the church to the grave site on Wednesday. Samuel's father was a committed Christian. His death was truly a home-going.

Our 5 new friends from Virginia, Charles, Guy, Chad, Anna-Lee and Zach, worked HARD all week, and were able to construct a roof for the church. I'll try to post some pictures in a bit. THANKS SO MUCH to them and to the people at Antioch Church, Windsor, VA.

Daniel "graduated" from elementary school today, from 6th grade. We attended a very nice ceremony this morning (except for a rather questionable song...). We told him to pick a good lunch place, and we went out to eat. Pictures of that event coming too.

Tomorrow...the team from Virginia returns to the U.S., the interns come back!, and Denny and Josiah come. A rather lengthy stay awaits me at the airport, but a super-fun day. That means that Stephanie reclaims her room that Chad is leaving, and Josiah gets a sofa. A comfortable one, though!

Our laptop cable died yesterday (or newest laptop) posting pictures will be challenging. The whole piece where the cable goes into the laptop just broke off.

Well, I just got back from the church...good youth meeting! It's pouring down raining and Martin is still at least an hour away. The group's going to be asleep on the plane tomorrow!

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