Sunday, July 04, 2010

Antioch, where the believers were first called Christians...

Ok, not the same city exactly as the biblical Antioch...these new friends are from Virginia.

Mayra and I put our 7 beloved interns on a bus towards a Christian camp on Thursday, and had all day Friday without visitors. But we go so lonely during that one day! Good thing Charles, Guy, Chad, Anna-Lee and Zach arrived!

After a good meal at a local restaurant we did our first bit of work...moving about 20 20ft metal beams from the floor of the church up to roof of the second floor. Sound easy? wasn't. I must be getting older...just about killed me. Tomorrow at 6 a.m. the fun starts...and will continue all week.

After moving the beams, we went to Jim and Shari Cottrill's Canada Day party, celebrated a few days late. Canada Day is July 1. It was a great time.

Today we had a joint Santa Barbara and Jesus Maria service, with all of us, I would guess over 100, meeting at the first church, celebrating what we hope is our last service under the white tarp/tent that is our improvised roof. Miguel preached, and did a great job. Then...hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, with Charles and Guy doing the grilling. Good time! Pictures later.

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