Thursday, July 01, 2010

English songs competition

This past Wednesday, CamRon, Micah, Stephanie, Kyle, Jacklyn, Tiffany and Andrea were judges for an English singing competition at a local Jr. Hi School. It is located in the neighborhood right next to where we live, and several kids from the church go there. The English teacher lived in the U.S. for a brief time, and really does her best to make English enjoyable.

Every year she has an English song competition. Last year the songs were contemporary pop songs, the year before she had a Christmas song competition. This year, all the songs were by Michael Jackson. My 7 friends had the privilege of being the honored guests, with the assignment of evaluation pronunciation, volume, enthusiasm and a couple of other points for the 10 groups of 7th-9th graders. Tough job.

After the event, the students were mobbed by kids wanting to take their picture with them. Camron particularly was nearly pushed over by screaming teenagers, awestruck by a tall, handsome Texan in their midst. It was Camron's 21st birthday too, a day he will not soon forget. Pictures below, with many more on FB.

Today the group went by bus to Koinonia Camp, a beautiful CAM/Bible Church camp in the state of Queretaro. They will be there for the next week and a half.

Please be in prayer for Antioch Church, from Virginia, and particularly for a meeting we have with the municipality about the construction permit, which happens tomorrow.

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