Sunday, June 27, 2010

The girls and their pajama party

I mentioned in a previous post that building relationships is sort of a mantra here. We are convinced that the best way to share our faith and the life we have in Jesus is through first taking the time to build a friendship. People are much more inclined to listen to you if they are convinced you love them, that you really care. Today, both of Micah's Mexican "parents," his Mexican host family, came to church. Roberto and Ninfa have become dear friends, and today Roberto bought a Bible, and what he said to me when he bought it implied that he wants to make church attendance a habit.

Tiffany Taylor will be living in Jesus Maria for the next year. She has received some tremendous help in beginning to establish relationships from her roomies, Andrea and Jacklyn. Last week they invited about 10 of their neighbor ladies to a peach cobbler breakfast. This week...12 young people showed up for their first-ever pajama party. Stephanie and Kyle joined in on the fun. That makes 17 people (count them, 17!) sleeping on mattresses thrown on the floor, bed frames without a mattress and chairs. In several cases, this was the first night that these girls had ever been away from home overnight.

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