Saturday, June 26, 2010

David is better...finally...and Conejo Loco

Today we visited the doctor's office (doctor #2 for 2nd opinion) for the fourth time this week after David just didn't seem to be getting any better. We though he was ok, until he threw up three times on Friday. Doctor #1 prescribed some pretty potent antibiotics, of which his backside still remembers, and it looks like that shot was what really has turned him into the same rambunctious David we know and love since this morning. I won't mention the wreck he had with Olaf on the 4-wheeler...that's another story.

I feel like we're actually able to get a bit of rest after a whole month of intense activities pretty much every single day...English, basketball and street hockey classes, devos in the mornings, a book study, going on day trips every Saturday. Today was a pretty free day, a day for the ladies to recover after their pyjama party.

The Pyjama Party...Andrea, Tiffany, Jacklyn, Stephanie and Kyle invited a bunch of teenage girls to their house last night. 12 girls ended up showing up, plus 5 of them...way too many people to sleep comfortably in their tiny 2-bedroom house. It was the first time that several of the girls attended any sort of church activity besides the English classes. This sort of thing is huge in developing relationships (our mantra here) and establishing trust. Thanks, girls! I know none of you slept really well! What an incredibly awesome group of young people we have here this summer!

So, back to today. After watching the U.S. lose to Ghana (boo-hoo), we had lunch at the Conejo Loco (Camron and Jacklyn had rabbit, good stuff), we rode four-wheelers for 15 minutes, enough of time for Olaf to crash about 5 times, one time with David coming up fast behind him. Ok, I said I wouldn't mention that...just did.

Then...home that I could finish my sermon on Acts 4:23-31 for tomorrow. Study from which I'm currently taking a brief break. You could pray for that if you have a minute!

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