Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What a day...

So Monday night, Daniel and I go to a friend´s house to watch the 4th game between the Magic and Celtics. Daniel´s friend Sammy is a big Celtics fan, and so Daniel is too, and I´m becoming one. I had half a bag of Cheetos, a Coke and a Sprite...nothing warranting what happened to me at 4 a.m. this morning.

I won´t go into details, but it wasn´t (isn't) pretty. I'm the missionary, I'm not supposed to get sick like this.

Tomorrow 4 very special people come, the first of 6 interns this summer (2 additional young ladies come in June). Today was a frantic race to get everything accomplished...after a FAMEX meeting at the airport that I was late for due to...well, I explained that already.

I got the internship notebooks done. The English packets too. And the songsheets, in English and Spanish. I think we're ready.

Here's a picture of Cathy and her silly friend Luz.

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