Sunday, May 30, 2010

1st weekend in Ixtapaluca

The pictures below are all from last Friday. We had a devotional time, ate breakfast, then went by subway to the Basilica, Mexican Catholicism's most sacred site. Not my favorite place to go...but it's the best place to help people understand that the Virgin of Guadalupe (Mary) receives the attention of Catholics here. Mary is worshipped as creator and redeemer. Her image is everywhere.

After eating at a nearby restaurant, we returned downtown, to a whole square block full of shopping, an open market sort of place called the Ciudadela. Then back to the restaurant, an orientation time, a movie and a game of Settlers. I was WAY behind in the initial stages of the game. I will refrain from mentioning who won, as, well, I don't want anyone to get a big head.

Saturday, after a wonderful breakfast in Sanborns, Casa de Azulejos, we traveled to Ixtapaluca, back home at last after three nights away. We got Tiffany, Jacklyn and Andrea set up in their ugly little two-bedroom house, but they are converting it into something liveable, even something beautiful. Camron is staying with David Gomez, and I realized too late last night that we forgot to give him our inflatable mattress. Micah is with a Mexican family, Roberto and his wife.

That evening, a party. What could be more appropriate? Joomico, a young lady who has been in contact with the church and a vivacious girl, had her quinceaños celebration last night. Later on that evening, I took the Valtierra family to the airport, at 11:30 p.m., to pick up Melanie, coming back from Vancouver, Canada after a year of studying English there.

Today...we took off the door again, and squeezed around 40 people into our small little two-bedroom church. Then a meal here, in honor of Neftali and his Mariano, and Allan, and the interns, and the Valtierra family, and David...and...well, Melissa Roberts arrived to the airport at around 5:30, so she got here a bit late, for coffee and ice cream.

Tomorrow Spanish classes start, as well as basketball classes. Please continue to pray for this time.

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