Monday, April 05, 2010

The weekend and San Rafael

This past Saturday Sendero de Vida hosted a circuit-wide youth activity, an all-day rally, in which teams of young people had to figure out clues, complete riddles and do the designated activities at each "base." I was a judge, and made sure that that teams that made it to my base either kicked a soccer ball or threw a football through a tire. Harder actually that it sounds. After the rally, we ate a tasty meal, then had a devotional time, focused on the sacrifice of Christ. Victor, a young man from Villa de las Flores church, did an awesome job organizing the rally.

Yesterday was our second church service in Jesus Maria, with an attendance of 29 people, a good deal less than the first week, but almost all the families that attended the first week were away on Easter vacation. We actually had 3 new people. Jose preached an Easter message, and Samuel directed the service.

Afterward we once again spent the afternoon with the Valtierra family, and I sat in with David Gomez and Nephali, as they completed a computer course on how to repair laptops. This will hopefully be a way in which David can earn some extra money.

Today we took off towards the mountains, investigating a place that we'd actually heard about but never been to...a park area on the uphill side of a small town called San Rafael. Beautiful place. We hiked up a mountain, then down a stream, then ate in a nice restaurant. Great day! Here's some pictures.

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