Friday, April 02, 2010

Bible study starts in Valle de Chalco

Perhaps you remember the relief work that we as a church did in Valle de Chalco, during and immediately following the dike break and subsequent severe flooding. After the breakfasts and food packs, we did a special church service March 14. From the contacts acquired from that service, we've done follow-up over the last two weeks to probably 20 of the 30 solid contacts that resulted from that meeting.

Today we began the first Bible study in one of the two areas where most of the contacts live. We hope to begin a second study within the next two weeks in the other area. Today's time centered around Good Friday (in Spanish it's "Holy Friday" Viernes Santo. Saul and his wife Catalina, and sister Araceli and her three daughters, Karen, Jessica and Brenda attended. The study happened in Saul's house.

We talked about the significance of the Lord's death on the cross. Then we acted out a mime that we had did as a church on March 14. After that, Mayra dressed up as Mary and did a powerful monologue as to Mary's relationship to Jesus: first as her son, then as her Savior and Lord.

Please pray for growth in this study, and for plans to see at least one more home Bible study start in Valle de Chalco.

The yellow house with blue trim to the right of this picture is where we had the Bible study today. Add a little water, and God's word gives fruit!

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