Friday, April 16, 2010

Ministry Opportunities

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from Larry Hower, who until recently was director of CAM Canada. CAM's ministry into Cuba has traditionally been routed via Canada, due to easier access to visas, etc... into Cuba. But now, things have changed a bit, and CAM USA has been granted permits to travel in and out of Cuba.

There is apparently interest in Cuba to know more about non-traditional evangelistic methods. To me, what we do here isn't really me it's become really the ONLY way to do ministry, i.e., gain a hearing with the community through activities that benefit the community (sports, music, English, baking, crafts, disaster relief, etc...), extending this help with an open hand, sharing God's love, communicating the gospel. These efforts are intentional and focused, with a clear goal--the salvation of this whole community. But we don't start by beating people over the heads with a Bible. In the context of genuine friendship, people are so much more responsive.

So anyway...Larry must have heard a bit of what's going on here, and he's invited me to Cuba, and I in turn have talked with both Samuel and Martin about going along with me. Sometime this fall. The idea is that we would give a series of 2-day conferences to different groups of Cuban pastors, traveling around the island for 10 days. We still haven't committed to this...and would like to ask your prayers for us in this decision...but it's definitely something we'd like to do!

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