Friday, March 12, 2010

Program for Sunday

We are finalizing details for this coming Sunday. Today, David and I tried to confirm two more people from the affected area for testimonies. It looks like they will do it. We visited a number of homes that we have previously given invitations, and everyone I talked to said they would be going. We'll see.

Here is the program, subject to change a little bit, that we'll be presenting on Sunday. This afternoon, the young people will be practicing two skits; Hunger and The Garden. Pray for a fruitful time this coming Sunday, as hopefully we'll be in an evangelistic event with many more unchurched/unsaved than Christians.

Programa: Servicio de Alabanza a Dios por Su Cuidado

Bienvenida: Arnulfo

Tú has venido a la orilla
Dad gracias

Presentación Powerpoint del desastre

Micrófono abierto

Drama: El Hambre

Jesús es el Señor

Drama: El Jardín

Canto: No hay argumento


Canto: No miro las circunstancias


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