Sunday, November 08, 2009


Once again I'm condemned to follow an important game (Dallas vs. Eagles) on the Internet on ESPN's Gamecast, not the best way to watch the game. It's in the fourth quarter, Eagles just kicked a field goal, 52 yards, I'm told several seconds after the fact. 20-16 Dallas. It would be so sweet if this day would end with a Dallas victory and a Giants and Eagles sweet!

I'm posting this for the benefit of my cousin Chris and my second cousin Dan, Giants and Eagles fans respectively.

Ok, what happened. My updates stopped at 2:02 to go, ball on 49 yard line.

Ah...Philadelphia doesn't have any more timeouts! Pity.


Paul said...

hello, I don't know you, but I'm also a missionary overseas. I'm not sure how good your internet connection is, but I have found a website that manages NFL football games from different locations for people around the world to watch live. the site is and then go to NFL current week streaming games.

Dan said...

Thanks Rod - my time spent reading your blog was much more beneficial!