Thursday, October 01, 2009

English Classes and Lots of Contacts

Today I re-initiated a long-term,ongoing English class here in Santa Barbara, the neighborhood where we live, moving it out of the church and into a house...where the most faithful English family lives, Yolanda, Edith, Berenice and Leo. Josiah and Brent, from Wolc, stayed with them last August. The class went well, with 6 people in attendance, plus me.

Right after the class I went and bought a whiteboard at Office Max, picked up Sam at his Jr. Hi school, and headed up to see how our first day of English classes in a brand new location were going, a neighborhood called Jesus Mary (really). Yesterday we registered 27 students. The idea was to divide the people into two groups: 6-10 years old kids from 5:30-6:30 and anyone older than that in the 6:30-7:30 group.

We had 30 people, a full house, in the first hour. We only have 30 chairs. 19 people in the second hour...for a total of 49 brand new contacts on the first day, plus the group of mothers waiting outside our little teaching space.

Allan and Melanie did a super job. We have but one concern...what to do with the invariably greater numbers next week! I've posted a picture here below, as well as a video I took of the second group doing a memory game finding English words. Thanks for your prayers!

One other thing to pray for...Cathy's feet are hurting her a lot. She outgrew a pair of orthopedic shoes, and we pick up the new pair next week, but in the meantime she is in significant discomfort.

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