Wednesday, September 30, 2009

English Classes starting tomorrow

Some of you know about a small market space/store sort of area that we purchased in a neighborhood not far from where we live, thanks to a generous gift from Word of Life Chapel (after I told them that I, uh, needed $3000 for a great opportunity).

After painting and fixing up the space, buying 30 plastic chairs/stools, passing out flyers and hanging posters in the area the last couple of days, today we registered 23 people (at least that was the count when I left) for classes that begin tomorrow. It was encouraging to see the response...most of these people we had never met before, and several were friends of the Valtierra (Sam and Aurora) family.

Tomorrow I re-initiate English classes in the neighborhood where we live from 4-5:30 p.m., then support Allan and Melanie from 5:30-7:30 in this new area. Please pray that this would be a way to reach out to new families. See pictures below. The one with Daniel shows people coming to the classroom space to register for classes tomorrow. The only cost is a one-time fee of $2. The classes will be taught every Thursday for 10 weeks (ending Dec. 3).

English teaching is one of many creative methods that we use to establish relationships with people with the intent on sharing with them the really good news.

For an article I wrote a long time ago currently posted on CAM Int'l's website, click HERE.

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