Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fry Cabin

Ok, so I'm just about beginning to feel guilty about how many days we've been enjoying spectacularly beautiful places...just about! For the last several days we visited the Fry Family cabin and, of course, had a wonderful time. Among the highlights...seeing three deer up close and personal while fishing with son David, falling down a hole into the crawlspace (this was not a smart move) and hurting/scraping/bruising myself in 5 different places (I was fortunate), and lighting several "chimney" campfires, using sections of hollow logs. The one in the picture below was a good 12 feet tall. This process, of course, betters incrementally dangerous as the log begins to burn from the inside out, which is part of the fun.

Right now...I'm running off to a planning meeting at church for August 23 (a youth kick-off Sunday I'm preaching for at Wolc), then a business meeting to vote for a new pastor. As far as the vote...I'm not a prophet or anything, but I'll be surprised if he does not receive upwards of 90% approval.

The other pictures....Daniel, cousin Bobby and David playing in the stream behind the cabin, the chimney fire and my niece Cecelia (who still does not want anything to do with me!) and Daniel.

Quote of the Day: If a church wants a better pastor, it only needs to pray for the one it has.

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