Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beautiful PA

Well, I told my parents today that I love being everywhere I happen to be, but I really love being here! We wrap up our time in PA, returning "home" to Mexico City on Tuesday.

We returned to Sight and Sound Theater yesterday to see In the Beginning, for the second time. We went with good friend Jonatan Toledo, a Gordon Conwell Seminary student and former CAM intern and then intern leader. He came down after passing his Hebrew exam--yeah, Jon! Sight and Sound was, again, glorious. Truly a treat.

This morning I was involved with the worship group at Wolc, and then preached. It was a fun day...a "Youth Kick-off Sunday." Always good to be able to share the Word, this time from Luke 12.

We spent the afternoon relaxing and drinking coffee on the front porch. Great time! It has been raining a lot in PA, so it's unusually green and lush. Such a beautiful place! Here's some pictures!

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