Wednesday, July 01, 2009

TX to PA's a brief summary of our trip up from Mexico City. We crossed the bridge at Nuevo Laredo/Laredo...and it was HOT! We sat on the bridge for the better part of an hour, and had to turn the air conditioning off so the van didn't overheat. That was harsh. Finally, after a thorough inspection by immigration, we were in Texas. Coming into Houston, we witnessed a horrible crash...a car doing cartwheels, with headlights and dust making for a surreal scene. Then after a great time in Houstin with the Wright family, and attending Bridgepoint church, listening to Charles sing (Click HERE for website), we headed east again on Rt. 10. Then north on Rt. 59, 40, 81 and finally, good ol' 283 into E-town.

The kids and us just about drove each other nuts. But we made it. Seemed longer this time...maybe I'm getting older?

Here's a picture of the Mexico/U.S. border on the Laredo bridge, and pictures of my parents' beautiful home!

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