Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gravitating toward Life

Having kids is great for a lot of reasons, but one of the reasons I most love to observe is how they love anything alive. During a recent trip to the beach, Cathy and David would bring me miniature sea creatures, still in shells, little clams and mollusks and such. The kids would spot crabs 100 yards away, and go dashing after them. (Editorial comment: don't every try to take those little sea creature home: they die quickly and STINK!)

David constantly is asking when its going to start raining again here in Mexico so he can hunt for toads and frogs in puddles. Recently, at the Sandoval's house, they found a dead, beheaded mouse. How do they find things like that? The Sandoval's puppy German Shepherd was about the same size as David, and the two made quite the lively, hyperactive pair! Do all kids want to climb every climbable tree they see? Why do hamsters find their way into every room in our house? Are hamsters cute, or am I missing something? This morning I turned on the light downstairs and saw a hamster crawl/dart behind the bookshelf. Another escapee. Once we found a little baby rabbit in a nearby park, and brought it home. We now have a sort of pet cemetery under the tree in our back yard...4 hamsters and...that rabbit. Fish are easier...the toilet!

We all gravitate towards life, really. We can all tell the difference between a family that is alive and one that isn't, a marriage that is alive and one that's struggling, a church that is alive, and one that's half dead.

If we want to know, want to grow, and desire to love, life is what we will seek.

Jesus said He came to give us abundant life.

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