Sunday, January 04, 2009

Day of the Three Kings/Dia de los Reyes

Mexican kids have it pretty good. They can enjoy the benefits of Santa Claus on December 24th (the 24th is celebrated here, rather than the 25th), and they can also clean up with a visit January 6th from the Three Kings. Actually, more gifts are given to children on Día de los Reyes than on Christmas. Kids wrote notes to the 3 kings and tie them on the end of a helium balloon...and release them into the sky. Just tonight I saw two people selling balloons. Tomorrow, if you look close, you'll see them ascending.

At church we are always looking for creative ways to share the gospel. So today and tomorrow (we're expecting a lot of kids tomorrow!), we are inviting people to take a picture with our very own three wisemen...using the costumes that were made for the Christmas drama. Take the picture, pay 10 pesos, and get the picture printed out in full color for 10 pesos (less than $1). Oh, and get a tract too.

Here's Mayra with the three kings, Arnulfo, Alberto and Gerardo.

I would be amiss to mention the fantastic Rosca de Reyes. It is a circular, sweet bread creation, that actually has little white plastic dolls baked into the bread. If you cut a piece and get the little doll, you have to buy tamales on February 2nd!

In other news, after a relaxing couple of days here at years end, I was able to crawl back into ministry by preaching today. The church is starting the book of Romans with 2009, my text; Romans 1:1-7. Laura Guaza also visited today, and sang several songs. We also began the year with a celebration of the Lord's supper.

We would, as always, very much appreciate your prayers as we look forward to another great year of family and ministry.


Anonymous said...

you guys are soooooo creative!! I missssss you like crazy! thanks for keeping us posted! May our Lord continue to bless you and your wonderful ministry!

Chocolate boy hehe

Gary and Ardys Winger said...

Great pictures! It was so nice to meet your family and the church family during our Christmas visit to Mexico! We will be praying for you and the team as you begin new things and face the challenges of ministry. We really enjoyed our excursion with your family and our kids and grandkids. Thanks for being a great encouragement to them as they serve with you.

God bless,
Gary and Ardys Winger (Shari's parents)