Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yesterday, passports and hospital visits

Yesterday we left home around 11 a.m. bound for the U.S. embassy, right in the heart of the city. I think you know how much I enjoy Mexico City traffic and legal paperwork! Not much.

We weren't able to do the kids passports (David's expired the beginning of 2008, and the other two's passports expire this June), but I was able to get my paperwork done, although they didn't give me the document today...they'll send it in 1-2 weeks.

We ate lunch. As you know, Cathy has had diahrea for a couple days now. After we ate, she really started having pain in her stomach. We stopped at a restaurant on the way home for her to go to the bathroom, but she still felt really bad afterwards, so we took her to a nearby hospital, which just happens to be the hospital that I've taken a lady in the church lately (Claudia), for her radiation therapy, so I knew about the hospital a little bit.

Cathy still was really hurting. They took an x-ray of her abdomen area and the x-ray showed a really inflamed colon and some other things. A short while later she was able to go to the bathroom, a minor explosion, in the bathroom, and after that felt much better and looked much better. The doc wanted to run blood tests, so we waited around until they came back...all negative. So...after about $120 later (not bad, actually, for the care we received...1 x-ray, 1 complete blood test, great emergency attention) we headed home, and finally got back after horrendous traffic...around 8:20. Turned out to be a quite different day than we'd plannned, be we're glad Cathy is feeling much better. Now a run to the pharmacy and we'll call it a day.

Just discovered that we brought back the wrong x-rays. An adult man with some sort of problem...!

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Jim said...

Sorry to hear about Cathy! Hope she continues to feel better.