Sunday, December 28, 2008

Battle of the Bands Concert

I didn't get any pictures Friday night, December 19th, but fortunately our co-worker Jim Cottrill did. The event was pretty huge. Martin set up a mega-sound system complete with a programmable light show. There were 24 huge speakers set up, 12 on each side of the stage.

The three groups were awesome. Laura Guaza and her band started, with a Latin-style, "Tropi-pop" show. Charly Bostik followed, with rock and blues. Charly was saved out of a well-known secular hard rock Mexican group called the TRI. The Lighthouse Collective finished the night off with a great show. It was truly a spectacular event. Samuel designed the vinyl backdrop, a rather apocalyptic portrayal that lent itself very well to the event. We received municipal permission to close the street in front of the church.

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