Monday, August 04, 2008

Word of Life Chapel Team

We are excited to have a team of 15 from my home church, Word of Life Chapel, Bainbridge, PA. It's been pretty much non-stop since their arrive Saturday afternoon. The drive from the airport was...exciting, with Rod he does, closely followed by an airport taxi, who was just as insane. Yesterday we had planned to meet in a pole tent on the street right outside the church, only to have a big, white dumptruck park right there.

So we made some last minute adjustments and ended up erecting the tent-like structure down the street from the church. We had to transport all the instruments and chairs...but Jim Cottrill helped out with his Astro, a twin of mine, and with all the hands we had we ended up having a great service, using our new pulpit for the first time. I preached on Genesis 35.

Today the team started the day with a devotional time, then some of the group began painting the church while the other half prepared for their first ESL class. We ended up putting two coats of paint on the upstairs room. Denny and Samuel, a man from the church, also stained the pulpit.

ESL classes started out with a bang, with about 30 students today. The classes went well. Then the party continued with a lot of fun times with the Mexican young people who join in on the fun.

Pictures forthcoming.

Thanks for your prayers!


Emily said...

hey Rod! i'm disappointed that i couldn't be a part this year's team, but it worked out for the best since i have been busy moving (plus, i'm sure you have plenty of nissleys to keep you busy already)! we here at home are praying daily for the team and you and Mayra. keep us updated (i know you will, since i regularly read your blog!)

emily (nissley)

Mary Ellen said...

Hi, Rod and Mayra and Mexico Team, I enjoyed reading the report on August 4th about the team. We are praying for you and pray the Lord's will richly bless you while ministering in Mexico City. Looking forward to hearing of your report when you return. Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen said...

Hi, Rod and Mayra and team from WOLC, We are praying for you - I keep reading your blog hoping for some more updates on the Team!!! Looking forward to hearing all about the trip when you return to PA. May the Lord richly bless your ministry while in Mexico City. Mary Ellen Baum