Friday, August 08, 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates, life has been fast and fun with the 15 members of the Word of Life Chapel group. English classes have averaged 30-35 people, and our two days of kids club 27 and 30 kids respectively. Today is our closing program, with more puppets and a pinata, always a hit. We'll be giving out a Wonderbook to each kid today.

Denny Mohr has had a very interesting experience with Samuel. Yesterday we went down to the big lumberyard again, the same place that we went to with my dad last week. We purchased 6 or 7 pieces of plywood, actually compressed cardboard, and the pieces were cut to make 10 different furniture pieces/small cupboards for select neighbors of people in the church that we want to reach out to.

Wednesday we went up to the ruins here in Ixtapaluca, and collected all manner of pottery pieces on the ground. Really interesting. Today we all board public transportation...vans then go downtown, returning in time for our ministry times this afternoon.

It's been a great week! The team has incorporated very well with the Mexican youth and families. Last night we had a big party with Mayra (another Mayra) and her two boys, Bryan and Daniel.

One of these days when I have a moment free I'll download some pics and post them.

I am really enjoying my time with Keith, here at the house.

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Melissa Roberts said...

glad to see mayra's involvement!!!