Saturday, August 16, 2008

Update on Sendero de Vida Bible Church

Here's some interesting facts about church life in Sendero de Vida:

*60-70 of us meet on a regular basis
*Our biggest room is about 15ft. x 20ft. In this room we fit 60+ people, plus a full band and sound system. There is no unused space!
*30 people have been baptized since the church began on July 17, 2005
*The church is a bit more than 3 years old
*The age groups are almost equally split between children, youth and adults.
*We are preaching through Genesis this year. Currently we're on chapter 37.
*Martin Mendez and Rod share preaching responsibilities equally.
*Our most recent emphasis, a praise band, has 3 drum players, 2 bass guitar players, about 5 guitar players and only one keyboardist, missionary Jim Cottrill, who keeps trying to convince us he can't do it...but we don't believe him.
*A church-wide discipleship program started in September, initially on Fridays but now on Sunday mornings.
*Martin is a recognized least recognized by God and certainly by me...but we haven't had a formal recognition service yet.
*Adriana and Alejandra recently returned from a summer missions experience and are really excited.
*Prayer meeting is on Tuesday night at 8. Usually attendance is rather low, between 5 and 20 people.
*Woman's prayer and Bible study is Wednesday morning, from 9-11 and generally well attended.
*We are paying off a small house that we have modified for church use, a house that God provided right on a main road on a corner.
*About 75% of the church can walk to or ride bike to the church.
*We thank God for committed families.
*This summer we did a total of 4 weeks of English classes, 2 weeks of kids clubs, 1 week of sports minitry and other creative outreaches (furniture building, etc...) in or near the church building.
*The basis of evangelism is relationships...reaching out through love and good works any way we can think of...
*We count on your prayers

Quote of the Day:
Jesus appears on the scene with a new approach. He introduces a brand-new idea. He connects with sinners before they repent, before they change, so they will change. He goes to those who need him even before they know they need him! He seeks out the least, the last and the lost so that, hearing his voice, they can experience new life. Rather than keeping them at arm's length, he embraces them.
David Schuringa, as quoted in Cross-cultural Servanthood, Duane Elmer, p.39

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