Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jesus Adrian Romero Concert tonight

Mayra and I were given two tickets to a Christian concert this evening, in downtown Mexico City at the National Auditorium. The artist was Jesus Adrian Romero, one of the best Christian Mexican singer/songwriters of the moment. We sing a lot of his chorus and songs at church. It was a great time...the only downer was the location of our seats...but was great to be encourged by good Christian music. I'm guessing the auditorium seated 10-12,000 people, and I didn't see an empty seat anywhere.

Tomorrow we are doing something special for church, having a time where different people can have a part in the service with a scripture reading, a song, a poem or a testimony. We will also be commissioning two young girls, Adriana and Alejandra, both 16, for a summer missionary 5-day club project. The girls have a week of training, then 3 weeks of ministry in three different churches.

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