Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A day with Samuel

This morning I passed by the church, then picked up David. We defined what sort of polo shirts, how many, what sizes, etc...that we need for this summer's internship program, and he went downtown to order them...collared gray cotton shirts with the intership logo embroidered on them. They will really look sharp.

Samuel got off work early today, so I picked him up at 11 a.m. and was with him until nearly 11 p.m. It was an interesting day. First, I printed out a bunch of pages of a discipleship Bible study we're going to kick off this Sunday...and he worked on editing a graphic to promote the discipleship process. Then we went a picked up David, picked up a bunch of refilled black Epson ink cartridges, and on to Office Max, where I got copies made of the 2008 Internship Notebook.

Then on to a copy store that does bulk copying at 20 centavos (about 2 cents) a copy. Good thing, because I needed to get somewhere around 60 complete studies copied; probably well over 2000 copies. Then on to pick up the two older kids and buy 4 chickens on the way back to the house. Brigam wanted Pollo Feliz his last day here. Then on to English class and a goodbye party for Brigam. Everyone brought food...and we ate again! What a sacrifice. On the group picture, I was in front of Brigam, and when the picture was taken, he put his head down, so it looks like I have a huge, wild afro. Pretty funny. I'll try to get a picture. I had an awesome talk with Armando, who was reflecting on a book I had given him by Tony Evans. He was saying how he realized how stubborn and proud he was. Cool. I told him that I have the same problem. I do.

Somewhere before lunch we also took multiple pictures and measurements of the traffic circle/public area/park that we want to transform and landscape in August. I've included a doctored up picture of that space...look closely at the pic and you'll see it's been altered. David hasn't been, though, he's pure, 100% David, ready or not, here I come.

After English class, back to the house to work on writing up municipal permit requests so we can do all of these crazy activities this summer. Then to prayer meeting. In the middle of the time, a man, Rueben, showed up asking help (selling pies) for his daughter, who is in the hospital with lupus. We prayed for him and with him...he said he had just trusted Christ with another church last week.

Finally, I dropped Mayra and the kids off at home, then took Samuel home and talked for a while with him and his wife about possible evangelistic efforts in their neighborhood, then I dropped David Gomez off at his house...and then talked to Mario on the phone about the work that he is doing on the Cotrills house and how he needs material and money...and now I'm writing about all of this. Good day!

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