Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cultural Orientation Seminar

About two weeks ago I was invited to present a cultural orientation seminar to about 12 missionaries from Crossworlds and around 8 from CAM. Crossworlds team coordinator Neil Prentice is focusing his team's missionary efforts in the ever-growing outskirts of Puebla, a city of 3 million plus, about an hour from where we live. His team has grown from basically he and his wife to 10-12 members. They all live in relatively small, prefab houses, in Los Heroes, Puebla.

Over the years Mayra and I have developed quite a packet for orienting visitors. We had a good time of talking over cultural differences in the Pete and Beth Gross's house, and enjoyed a good meal, and even decent coffee (you're learning, Pete). Even enjoyed some verbal sparring with Paul Cheshier, who took this picture. Thanks, brother Pablo.

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