Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brigam is Back

Since last Friday Brigam is with us again, teaching English with a fury. He called me twice today via cell phone asking how to say "steadily" and "endure." Last night he at "tacos de suadero" with me. Good to have him here, even if it is a challenge sometimes to make sure he behaves himself. He even asked me to study the Bible with me. We started today, after getting a dryer for my wife (hurray).

Looks like the internship program is going to be sparse this year, with only 5 people down for the 7 weeks, plus another 3 for a week to 10 days. 7 students along with leaders Randy and Jackie Eims will be here with Uncharted Waters in July for a week. A group of 15 comes from Word of Life Chapel in August, then another group from Calvary Fellowship in Downingtown is scheduled for the end of October, early November.

Just got back from swimming lessons for our 3 kids...Daniel is doing really well. Cathy too. David is just clowing around.

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