Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vans and Sound Systems

I took my van to the garage today...never a good day, especially if you're not exactly sure what's wrong with your van. You can just hear it...well, sir, I'm afraid your transmission is going out, and by the way, your alternator is bad and you need 4 new shock absorbers. Or something like that.

Our van had (I hope that's past tense) a buzz that wasn't there before. A not real noticeable buzz...but a buzz nonetheless. It appeared to be toward the back of the car. It buzzed when the car was motionless. It buzzed pretty much always the same frequency. Anyway...the buzz.

Fortunately a got a guy who I'm pretty sure was pretty honest. After jacking the van on...jacks, I that what they're called, he said that the buzz (now totally indiscernable of course) was probably the gas pump. But I asked him to fill up the differencial joint, which I had no idea could even be filled up until my father-in-law told me this past Friday. Guess what? He dumped a whole liter of 90 weight oil in the big knobby part of the axle, in the middle. Hope that's the solution. Oh, the cost? About $21. Not bad.

I took Ty to the airport on Tuesday, at 4:30. That's 4:30 a.m., a time when no civil person should be awake. Actually a taxi picked us up, but I didn't pay him, because he owes me money anyway. That's another story. Ty made it safe and sound the whole way to Calgary, Canada. I just heard from him on Facebook.

On Monday night, Martin called and needed help with the sound system we just bought for the church. Two big speakers and a console with equalizer, etc...etc... I know about as much about sound systems as I do about cars...not much! Martin heard about someone selling almost new equipment cheap.

For those of you who don't know, Martin is the co-leader here and an all-around great guy. He has the gift of preaching, and alternates with me with Sunday morning preaching (right now in Genesis. He is a humoungus help in so many ways in the church. His wife, Laura, is 5 months pregnant with their 3rd child.

Right now Mayra is doing a Bible study with Gabriela, Jessica, Carla and little Armando. Pray for her as she prepares a conference talk for April 26.

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