Friday, April 18, 2008

Books and Tacos

Yesterday Mayra and I went downtown with Alberto. To me, going to downtown Mexico City is right up there with going to the dentist as far as level of enjoyment. We went to look for a book to help Mayra with her seminary next Saturday. Mayra got one book...I bought about 10, including The Case for the Creator, by Lee Strobel, Issues Facing Christians Today, by John Stott, Surprised by Joy and The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, Walking from East to West, by Ravi Zacharias, On the Move, by Bono, two books by Max Lucado, three copies of a little book entitled The Fire that Ignites, by Tony Evans...all in Spanish. Hey, this is Mexico.

A couple of the books I got were gifts for people in the church. I gave Arnulfo the Screwtape Letters book, I think he'll really like that, as he is a student of human nature.

Last night was fun. I took our kids and two neighbor kids to Sams club to look at some options for chairs for the church. That wasn't too fun, I must admit. But later, around 9, Martin, Alberto, Miguel, Samuel, Aurora and I went to look at the chairs we want to buy, then to eat tacos. Really great people, all of them. Miguel and I talked afterward until around 10:45 last night.

Today we have a men's retreat near Popo, an active volcano that apparently just got a little more active yesterday. We were joking about singing "Rivers of Living Lava" around the campfire tonight.

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