Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Packing up

Today was our last full day in PA. This morning we ate breakfast with Karina, a Mexican women whom we met when we lived here from 2003-4. Mayra led her to Christ back then, and since her husband, Edgar, has also come to faith in Christ through the faithful witness of some Spanish-speaking Christians here in PA. Jorge and Karen live locally...Jorge is Guatemalan, and he and his wife meet with Karina and Edgar on Sundays.

Then we had lunch with a unique gathering of individuals...my two sets of grandparents. It has to be extremely rare to have all 4 of my grandparents alive at my age. Even more unique...all 4 of them share a table daily for lunch at the same retirement/nursing center...Longwood Manor in Maytown, PA. My oldest grandparent, Anna Aungst, turns 90 in September.

This trip has been very special in a number of ways. We so much appreciated our time here...as always the extreme hospitality and love of my parents. It was awesome to touch base again with some great friends, Jeff and Kim Allem and their children. Special too was our time up at Denny Mohr's camp in Potter County, near the NY state line (some very nice trout fishing and lots of deer). Being with Don and Beth as newlyweds was very special too.

Now the van is already packed to head out early tomorrow morning and eventually arrive in Dallas, TX, for what promises to be a very, very enjoyable time with a bunch of wonderful friends that we've made over the last couple years in Mexico...with a birthday party for Charles Wright in Houston on Sunday night. Then back to Mexico!

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