Saturday, July 07, 2007

Karate, Interpretive Dance, Children's Drama...and the end of a rewarding, intense time

Today we had our closing program for the week of sports ministry. The day started with a karate exhibition, then Alyssa did a dance number to a song in Spanish, then a group from a Baptist church in northern Mexico City did a repeat performance of the drama "Rompecabezas," or Jizsaw Puzzle. I gave an invitation at the end of the event, and about 10 people raised their hands. I spoke with 4 of them afterwards, including Victor. I'm pretty sure all 4 will be in church tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers.

Tomorrow the Uncharted Waters sports ministry group leaves for Guadalajara to continue their sports ministry for another week there. Bill Walker and Alyssa Johnson leave us to go to Cuernavaca to language school for a week. Of our original internship group, only Rachel Hazen will stay, to complete her 72 hour ESL requirement this coming week.

For the first time in about a month we will have less than 18 visitors here with us.

Susan and Melenie Tunison, from Valley Bible in the San Francisco Bay area will continue with us here, supporting Rachel with her ESL classes. Daniel and Erin Ransom will also continue to support the ministry here through July 22, when we leave for the U.S. for my sister Beth's marriage to Don.

It has been a tremendously rewarding summer, with lots of very cool things going on.


Jim said...

We're looking forward to having Alyssa and Bill with us! :)

Brad and Lindsey Bridges said...

Thanks for all you are doing to make this summer so meaningful for so many people. Tell everyone Linds and I said hello.