Thursday, March 13, 2014

All of Us (Daniel too) Made it to PA

After a smooth day of travel yesterday with a slight delay on our connecting flight from Chicago to Harrisburg we arrived (all of us) in Pennsylvania. I mentioned on FB that after my exasperating four calls to DHL, Daniel said that he'd like to try and call. "Why, it will do absolutely no good," I said. Well, he called...and to my amazement actually continued talking and talking...and seemed to be getting somewhere. DHL said that they found his passport, and would send it to the airport. Mayra was on the phone now, and told them that we would be more than happy to drive into the main airport DHL office and pick it up. So, we did, and picked up his new passport! Not a day too soon!

Missionary friend Alan McManus comments that when he comes to the States he goes on a "gain 1 lb. every day" eating plan, and I am happy to say that I have adapted this plan as my own. So far...pulled pork BBQ sandwich, stuffed pizza (during our Chicago layover), lasagna, hoagies (those of you from the East Coast know what they are), and a numerous Keurig indulgences. Keurig machines don't exist in Mexico, at least I've never seen one, but I'm doing my best to make up for lost time.

I'm not rather frantically working on finishing up three sermons with Powerpoints for this weekend at Word of Life Chapel. If you're able, stop by and say hi! Services Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning, with a special breakfast Saturday morning.

Oh, and people talk about ALL THE SNOW this year. Well, we don't believe them.

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