Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Temporary Office...and Reflections on Jonah

My two boys are once again going to football practice, this time with another team much closer to home. Practices are Saturday and Sunday right now, so they are able to practice every Saturday, and the policy at this point is that they can miss one Sunday a month. Yes, missionaries are people too.  They platy real football, American football, where people don't whine and scream if they get stepped on. Check out his team on Facebook HERE.

Although the field where they practice is located way down a dirt road, at the beginning of this dirt road is a coffee shop. Although Italian Coffee Company is not my favorite brand, the store has a cool little second floor to it, and I suspect it will become my office for the next couple months.  For someone who has never had an office, well, that's glorious. Usually I have to kick my kids off the desktop, and fight everyone for bandwidth.

After some debate, I decided to preach through Jonah for the March missions conference at Word of Life Chapel. Jonah is truly an amazing book. Jonah the prophet is just like us. God called him to do something extremely challenging and he ran the other way. Even after he ended up grudgingly obeying, he had a pretty pathetic attitude.  Oh, there is so much in this little book! All sorts of interesting cultural studies, and insights into how God works in people's hearts.

What do you think? Did Jonah die and was then resurrected then the fish spit him out, or did he survive three days in the depths? Any opinions out there? Please back it up with some proofs.

Great talk with Brent Downs today! Encouraging to know that someone occasionally reads this blog, and enjoys it!

Exciting plans coming for the future!

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