Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wheelchair Events (pictures)

I wanted to put some pictures of the three wheelchair events we did over this past weekend, but didn't have any good pictures. But now we do!

In summary, 19 wheelchairs were donated to 19 people. In two cases, the actual recipient was unable to physically go to the event, but others could vouch for the need. 14 chairs were medium size, 5 were small. All but three people received a Bible with their chair, and they all heard the gospel very clearly, courtesy of one of the most dynamic speakers I know, Mayra Fry. Using Luke 5, she talked about not only physical handicaps, and how Jesus heals them, but also the spiritual handicap that we all have...sin. What a great opportunity to proclaim the gospel in some of the most unlikely of places, and in two neighborhoods where we've never been before.

The chairs were distributed through the auspices of our newly formed non-profit (asociación civil) Tiempo de Vivir (Time to Live), and were received in partnership with Operation Blessing and Free Wheelchair Mission. The importation tax (about $20 per chair) were paid by donors.

If you want to help us purchase more, please let me know in the comments section of this post.

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