Thursday, November 21, 2013

You Just Gotta Smile

For those of you who know David a little bit, well, you know he's pretty active. My wife and I had a discussion recently, and we're pretty convinced that if we lived in the U.S., a doctor somewhere would have already recommended Ritalin! Oh, the faces he makes!

David's older brother is the guy who plays the drums, but maybe David has some innate talent too. Or maybe he just loves to goof off!

Quote of the Day: Spiritual doctrines do not actually limit the mind as do materialistic denials. Even if I believe in immortality I need not think about it. But if I disbelieve in immortality I must not think about it. In the first case the road is open and I can go as far as I like; in the second the road is shut.
Chesterton, G. K. Orthodoxy (p. 17).

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Erik David Morga Ballesteros said...

sin comentarios!! :) esas caras David!!! jajajaja directo al estrellato